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Although it is made much easier -- and, indeed, possible at all -- by the existence of the Internet, the quest to find email accounts is still a journey that requires effort, time, and quite probably a bit of expense as well. Email accounts are so new -- and change so often -- that they are not collected and distributed free by telephone companies are telephone numbers are in directories. Perhaps in some day this convenience will be available, at least in the United States and Western Europe, but that day has not yet arrived.

For now, those who are looking to find email accounts need to do a bit of detective work, know their information, and be prepared to follow up several possible leads, as well as likely paying a commercial website a small fee or two for the information that's needed. As such, there should be a good reason for wanting to find an email account, beyond simple curiosity -- a real need to communicate with this person, even if it is a fairly minor need.

If the person whose email account you want to find works for the government or a large company, you may be able to bypass the process of searching email directories entirely. The government and major firms usually give their employees an official email address which is meant to be used for job-related communication. These email addresses are usually constructed out of the employee's name, with the domain name ( being the name of the organization itself.

In this case, you can often find email accounts by looking at other email accounts on the organization's official website and seeing how they are put together. Check carefully to see how the name of the person is used to construct the username (the part of the email address before the @). For example, if the name of the company CEO is Harold J. Overlord, and his email address is, then it's likely that the company email address of Frederick L. Cubicleman is On the other hand, if the CEO's name is abbreviated -- for instance, -- then Frederick's email address is probably

If these resources aren't available to find email accounts, you can try several other methods. Searching for email accounts in email provider member directories is one possibility, although you also usually need to be a member of the email service (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) in order to search. Another choice is to just bite the bullet and pay for a directory search. The pre-purchase information that these sites offer to tempt you to buy access to the full data will give you a good idea of whether they will allow you to find email accounts you need. You will typically see several possible email matches with most of the address blanked out, and the name and location of the email account owner shown.

The process of finding email accounts is one that requires some solid starting information, patience, and the occasional ability to think outside the box, but with a little time and effort, anyone can make use of the Internet to ferret out the email address of an individual, company, or organization and send them the electronic letter you want to send.

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